Hornby Signature Highlander Freight Train Set – R1257

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A highly detailed set for the experienced collector, or those looking to enter the more detailed range from Hornby…

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This train set is aimed squarely at the hobby enthusiasts who are looking for detailed locomotives and comparable rolling stock so that they can start to build their Hornby world.  Each set includes a top of the range locomotive and a selection of equally detailed rolling stock, together with an oval of track and the exceptional twin controller, the HM2000.  As an added bonus the sets will also include the latest copy of the Hornby Track Plans Book to assist you in deciding on the type and size of layout you wish to build.


R3417 – BR (Late) Class K1
R6800 – BR (ExLMA) Horse Box
R6811 – 7 plk ‘Staveley’
R6812 – 7 plk. ‘John Vipond”
R6813 – 7 plk ‘Phillips, George & Co’
R6758 – 7 plf ‘Arthur Wharton’
R8012 – HM2000 Twin Track Train Controller
R609 – 8 x 3rd Rad. Double Curves
R600 – 1 x Single Straight
R8206 – 1 x Power Track
R8156 – Track Plans Book

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