Hornby Family Fun Project Starter Pack

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New for late 2019, the Hornby Family Fun Project!  This is a fantastic way to bring your family together to create a complete, fun-sized layout.

The Family Fun Project Starter Pack includes everything you need to build a scenic model railway, plus a step-by-step guide which walks you through how to bring your layout to life.  This is the perfect starter pack for young modellers and the more experienced alike!

To get you started, this starter pack includes the following;

SKU Product Quantity
R3754 Blundell King Timber Merchants, Type D, 0-4-0T x1
R6370 LWB Open wagon x1
R6422 NE Box Van x1
R6368 BR 20T Brake Van x1
R590 Station Halt Kit x1
R9807 Modern Bungalow x1
R9854 Country Cottage x1
R9825 Railway Stores x1
R9846 P. Morley Ironmongers x1
R7115 City People x1
R8250 Analogue Train Controller x1
P9000 Std. Wall mounted transformer x1
R607 2nd Radius Double Curve x8
R600 Single Straight x2
R8206 Power Track x1
R083 Buffer Stop x1
R601 Double Straight x1
R606 2nd Radius Curve x1
R8072 Left Hand Point x1
R207 Track Pins x1
R537 Trackside Fencing x1
R7171 Flower Meadow x1
R7174 Scatter – Brown x1
R7167 Ballast – Granite x1
R7194 Green Mix Lichen x1
R7199 Hobby Fir Trees x1
R8156 Track Plans Book x1
4/1612 Instructions Brochure x1


Also, if you were to buy each of this parts individually it would cost over £350 – so there are massive savings to be had too!

Just remember to take your time as there’s no need to rush and soon you’ll be enjoying your very own model railway layout for the whole family to share.  Look out for the step-by-step video guide on our knowledgebase too!


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