Hornby Family Fun Project Starter Pack Train Set – (R1265)


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Bring your family together with the Hornby Family Fun Project! The Family Fun Project is all about the family getting together to build a model railway layout, featuring all the trimmings – scenery, buildings, people and so much more!

This starter pack includes everything you need to a build your perfect ’00’ gauge scenic model railway layout, including useful literature, such as a set of instructions to help you and the family throughout every step, the Hornby Track Plans Book and the 2020 Catalogue to give you inspiration on other products which can be added. The instructions included provide guidance, but really there are no rules! The Family Fun Project is all about being creative, open-minded and having great family fun along the way!

This hamper contains:

  • (R3728) BR Class 21 Pug 0-4-0ST 51207 – Era 4
  • (R6899) 4 Plank Wagon Walter Harper No.1 – Era 2
  • R6900) 4 Plank Wagon C&F Gaen No 4 – Era 2
  • (R6904) 7 Plank Wagon Norths Navigation No 3000 – Era 2
  • (R6983A) Bogie Bolster A, BR – Era 4
  • (R590) Station Halt Kit
  • (R9853) The Cricket Club
  • R9826) Detached Brick Garage
  • (R537) Trackside Fencing
  • (R7115) City People
  • (R7229) Analogue Train and Accessory Controller
  • (P900W) Std. Wall mounted transformer
  • (R607) 8 x 2nd. Rad. Double Curves
  • (R600) 2 x Single Straight
  • (R8206) 1 x Power Track
  • (R083) Buffer Stop
  • (R601) Double Straight
  • (R606) 2nd Rad. Curve
  • R8072) L/H Point
  • (R207) Track Pins
  • (R7171) Flower Meadow
  • (R7174) Brown
  • (R7165) Grey Ballast
  • (R7194) Green Mix Lichen
  • (R7199) Hobby Fir Trees
  • (R8156) Track Plans Book
  • (R8159) 2020 Hornby Catalogue.

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