Hornby Digital 4 Amp Power Transformer


Replacement transformer for Hornby and Scalextric DCC products…

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Uprate the performance of your digital DCC layout, or indeed your Digital Scalextric system, with the P9300 digital 4A power transformer.

The unit has a 15v AC output which provides support for more locomotives.  Can be used with the Hornby Select or Hornby Elite digital train controllers.

Replacement transformer suitable for the following Hornby products:
• Hornby R8213: Select controller
• Hornby R8214: Elite controller
• Hornby R8312: eLink controller

Also suitable for the following Scalextric systems:
• Scalextric C7042: Advanced 6 Car Powerbase
• Scalextric C7056: 4 Car Powerbase or Digital Conversion Kit

In comparison, the supplied transformers for digital systems only supply 1 Amp.  Supports 220v systems only.

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