Hornby Compact Corner Layout Complete Track Pack


Part of a range of off-the-shelf pre-configured track packs to build an entire layout…

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A simple compact corner layout providing continuous double line running with a small terminus station.  This is one of the smallest double-loop oval model railway layouts achievable.

Please note the inner loop uses 1st radius curves and is therefore not suitable for larger locomotives as the curves are too tight for the longer wheelbases.

This layout is suitable for either analogue or digital control.


Layout Dimensions

5′ 2″ x 3′ 6″ (158 x 107 cm) + 1′ 3″ x 3′ 0″ (38 x 92 cm)


Track Pack Contents

This Complete Corner Track Layout contains the following track pieces to start your new model railway project

SKU Product Quantity
R600 Straight x4
R601 Double Straight x5
R610 Short Straight x7
R605 1st Radius Double Curve x9
R643 Half Curve. 2nd Radius x1
R606 2nd Radius Curve x1
R607 2nd Radius Double Curve x7
R8261 4th Radius Curve x1
R8072 Left Hand Point x5
R8073 Right Hand Point x2
R8076 ‘Y’ Point x1
R083 Buffer Stop x2


Please note: The illustration image of the layout shows a representation of where you might place station & platform accessories with this model railway layout.  You are of course free to place your layout however you wish.  Please note that the grey areas denoting station platform accessories are not included in this pack and need to be purchased separately.

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