Hornby Coloured Light Signal


Switches from red to green and back again – a classic!

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Switches from red to green and back again. Powered from the accessory power output of your controller or other 16V AC supply. Operated by an ‘on-on’ lever switch R046 (not included).

This product is not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts which can present a choking hazard. Some components have functional sharp edges. Handle with care. Only use this product with the recommended transformer. The transformer is not a toy – it’s a “transformer for a toy.” Check that it is the correct voltage for your mains electricity supply.

The transformer should be examined regularly for damage to the casing, plug pins and cables. In the event of such damage, do not use but replace with an identical unit. The output terminals of the transformer must not be connected directly, or indirectly, to the output of any other AC circuit derived a transformer or mains power supply. Before cleaning any part, disconnect the transformer from the mains electricity supply. Do not use liquid for cleaning.

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