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‘Pull-Push’ is a mode of operating a locomotive-hauled train fitted with the facility for it to be controlled from either end. Originally pioneered by the GWR, other railway companies adopted the same practice.

Southern Railways introduced Pull-Push trains fairly early on and British Railways continued the practice using converted Maunsell coaches on the Southern Region.

Running numbers: S 6695 S / S 1359 S

By 1959, there were still forty six Pull/Push sets in service with British Railways (Southern Region), but none of them were under thirty years old and their wooden bodies were causing safety
concerns over impact damage and the possible resulting fire damage.  With the British Transport Commision issuing an instruction to replace any carriage over thirty years old, BR (SR) faced losing their entire stock of Pull/Push carriages and a quick solution needed to be found.

The answer was for BR (SR) to convert twenty Pull/Push sets from two Maunsell vehicle types, under orders L4634 and L4746 in June 1959 and February 1960. The conversions took place on
ex-diagram 2403 BCKs and ex-diagram 2005 SOs, the brake end of the BCK being modified by inserting two windows to form a driving compartment, with the corridor connection removed and droplights replacing the familiar former guard’s lookout duckets.

The outer end of the SO also had its corridor connection removed, but the corridor connection between the two vehicles was retained.  Large electric stock pattern buffers were installed and all the
lavatories were sealed, their windows sheeted over, although the frosted windows on the opposite sides were retained.

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