Hornby BR, Class 37, Co-Co, 37040 Locomotive – Era 8


An attractive loco – the Class 37 – with digital Twin Track Sound factory fitted…

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Entering service as the English Electric Type 3, the British Rail Class 37 diesel locomotives were built at the Vulcan Foundry in Newton-le-Willows in a Co-Co configuration, based on locomotive designs for export markets. Built to undertake both freight and passenger work across all BR sectors, these engines proved highly reliable and, after overhaul, many survived in service across the network into the 1990s.

British Rail first placed an order for forty-two Class 37 locomotives in January 1959, the first of which was delivered in November 1960, entering service on 2 December with the last of this original batch complete by mid-1962, by which time subsequent orders had been placed. The last of the 309 locomotives built was delivered to the Western Region on 9 November 1965, originally numbered in the range D6700-D6999 and D6600-D6608.

In 1987, the Railfreight Sectors were launched, incorporating a new livery of ‘three tone grey’; a light grey lower bodyside, medium grey cantrail and a dark grey roof, along with a bright Sector logo (Coal, Metals, Petroleum, Distribution and Construction) and our model is depicted in the Metals Sector livery.

Minimum curve  Hornby 2nd radius  + / 438mm+

Function list

  • F0     Headlight/rearlight
  • F1     Engine start/stop
  • F2     Horn high-low
  • F3     Horn low-high
  • F4     Brake squeal
  • F5     Notch up
  • F6     Notch down
  • F7     Return to idle
  • F8     Thrash
  • F9      Cold start override
  • F10    Compressor
  • F11    Door slam
  • F12    Fan
  • F13    Horn long high
  • F14    Horn long low
  • F15    Primer
  • F16    Slow flange squeal
  • F17    Spirax valve
  • F18    Horn Short Low
  • F19   Horn short high
  • F20   Wagons buffering
  • F21   Wagons clanging
  • F22   Alternative door slam
  • F23   Guard’s whistle
  • F24   Locomotive buffering
  • F25   Aux

Our Hornby engineers have developed a unique sound decoder that not only provides superior DCC control but also dedicated sounds associated with the locomotives that have been installed with this new sound decoder – TTS Twin Track Sound.

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British Rail (Sectorisation)

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DCC fitted