Hornby 56025 ‘Smokey Joe’, Steam Locomotive Centenary Year Limited Edition – 1983


A Hornby Centenary Limited Edition Model…

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Released in 1980, the original Hornby Class 0F ‘Pug’ was first included in a train set but later became available as a solo model liveried in Caledonian Blue as well as a red engine named ‘Desmond’.

These models included metal hand and cab rails, however in 1983 there was a demand for a low cost solo locomotive that could also be included in a train set, the ‘Industrial Freight’.

The train set locomotive now devoid of handrails and cab railings was painted in maroon and carried the company name of ‘Stewarts & Lloyds’, while the solo model similarly lacking in metal parts was painted black and given simple cab lining and the running number of ‘56025’, all based on an actual locomotive.

When this particular model was shown to a Scottish customer he explained that it reminded him of a locomotive he used to see in the shunting yards of Glasgow and that it had been unofficially marked in chalk on both sides of the boiler, with the name ‘Smokey Joe’. Immediately the artwork for ‘56025’ was changed and the model was released carrying the name ‘Smokey Joe’ and has been part of the Hornby range ever since.

Due to its length of time in the Hornby range and the many thousands produced it is only fitting that as part of the Hornby Centenary celebrations a special limited edition ‘Smokey Joe’ should be produced and as such the model has been fitted with metal hand and cab rails as well as an enhanced BR livery.

The Hornby Class 0F ‘Smokey Joe’ has and continues to be an important part of Hornby’s history which is why the model has been included in the Hornby Centenary Collection and celebrates the 1980s decade by using box artwork inspired by the Hornby Railways packaging style of that period.

This very special and enhanced collectable model of ‘Smokey Joe’ is supplied with a numbered certificate confirming that it is one of 2000 limited edition examples produced.

Gauge 00
Finish Standard
Length 108mm
DCC Type Analogue
Period Era 4/5
Operator/Livery BR Lined Black
Limited Edition Yes
Limited Edition Size 2000
Class Class 264 ‘Pug’
Designer Dugald Drummond
Minimum Curve R1
Age Suitability 14+
Motor RM
Wheel Configuration 0-4-0

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