Product recalls & safety notices

The safety and security of our customers is of paramount importance.  On this page you’ll find details of any products which have been recalled either by us or our suppliers in case of an issue with quality or safety.

Sometimes, if we are aware of an issue before a supplier issues a recall we may perform one proactively at our own accord.  If you are experiencing an issue with any of these or any other products, please contact us by email at or by phone on 01305 818418.


Product recalls

There are currently no product recalls.


Safety notices

Humbrol Poly Cement (AE4021) (view product)

A number of customers have experienced issues when using Humbrol Poly Cement with products other than model kits.  It is advised that you only use the product with model kits made from polystyrene, and should never be used with expanded polystyrene (EPS).  As the product acts by melting polystyrene to form a bond, it will ‘eat’ through EPS rendering some non-model kit products useless.  In any case, the product should be used sparingly, as per the manufacturer’s original instructions.