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TTS Sound locomotives won’t work with Hornby Select controller (v1.4 and below)

We have received an enquiry about a possible fault with a Hornby TTS Sound Mallard (R3395TTS) locomotive.  Initially the locomotive appeared to be ‘dead’ out of the box but it has been established that it isn’t actually faulty at all.

On investigation and with the help of the customer, it was established that the latest-generation of Hornby TTS Sound locomotives do not work with early versions of their controller firmware.  This seems to affect the Hornby Select and Elite controllers before v1.5 of their firmware, so v.14 down.


Why doesn’t it work?

Essentially the software does not appear to support the pre-fitted decoder chip.  Hornby have not confirmed any specific reason but they are not backwards compatible.  This is frustrating for those of you with older layouts, or who have purchased controllers with older firmware.  At the time of writing we did find Select controllers available on a well-known auction site listed as ‘new’ but with older software.


What can I do with my controller?

The good news is that Hornby Technical will upgrade the firmware on your controller but for a small fee.  You would need to contact Hornby as they will only perform this service directly, and the fee is subject to change.  They can arrange collection and return to you though via their own courier.

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