What is ‘graded stock’?

Like all retailers, we have access to a range of stock that has been returned or cosmetically damaged and to avoid losses we offer it for sale, as graded stock.  We ensure all items listed are as detailed as much as possible and you can grab a real bargain when buying compared to new products.  But like all graded items it is useful to know what it means, and what you can expect from your purchase…


What are graded items?

Graded items, sometimes called ‘seconds’ or B grade stock by other retailers, are brand new items that have been returned to us.  There are a number of possible reasons for this;

  • Unwanted gift
  • Un-delivered and returned mail order
  • Cosmetically marked or blemished
  • Damaged box or other packaging
  • Missing parts
  • Minor faults

We actually apply a number of grades to these products, more of which you can find out later in this guide.


What happens next?

After inspection, we put all stock through an exhaustive quality control check.  We have any technical faults corrected by the manufacturer so that it functions like new, and we ensure that any remaining imperfections are purely cosmetic.  From here, they are then offered for sale on our dedicated graded stock page.


How do you grade items?

The condition of graded goods will vary from unused with slightly damaged packaging to slightly used products that have been cleaned, tested and possibly refurbished by the respective manufacturer or us.

Other items may only have been “Out of the box” display models with slight cosmetic markings or without original packaging.

Cosmetic markings will be described on listing in full detail and pictures shown, they are not considered as a fault so therefore customers will have to pay postage for returning items that you may be unhappy with, so please make sure you read description and see pictures before committing to purchase.

A Grade

A grade items are in excellent condition and are as close to brand new as you can get.  These will be the items that have been returned due to undelivered goods, damaged packaging or unwanted items that may have been used very briefly and then returned.

B Grade

B grade items are considered as items that will show signs of mild use but overall looks great.  It may not come in the original box or with manufacturers accessories/warranty, but will be sold as working.  The full details would be in the listing.

C Grade

C grade items will show signs of everyday wear and tear.  All our items are checked to be fully functional, cleaned and tested by our engineers but is unlikely to be supplied in the original box.  Sold as working.

D Grade

These are sold as spares and repair, and are unlikely to be working, or if working may be unreliable or require further attention.

What is the guarantee on Hornby products?

We are frequently asked about the guarantee on Hornby products, as it is not clear on their web site what it actually is, and different retailers appear to provide different levels of guarantee.

All Hornby locomotives, decoders, rolling stock and other non-consumable products purchased from The Island Railway Shop are covered for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

If the item is less than 30 days old, we will automatically replace it providing it has not been modified.  In cases where the item has been modified we will arrange a repair, where possible.

For items older than 30 days, we will usually arrange a repair in line with your statutory rights.  If we cannot repair the item to your satisfaction then we will either replace it or arrange for a refund as soon as possible.

Please ensure you retain the original receipt in order to assist you with any future return.  It is worth remembering, even if the item is older than 12 months, we can arrange repairs on your behalf via Hornby’s Technical Services team.  Just ask us for further help and advice.

If you need to return an item to us, please make sure you complete a returns form so it is processed as quickly as possible.  Remember to make sure you let us know your full contact details as these may have changed from when you ordered.

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