Hornby Train Controller instructions (R8250)

Hornby Standard Analogue Train Controller

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Replacement instructions for the analogue Hornby train controller (R8250).  Features information about the ‘short circuit’ protection which is commonly mistaken for a fault.

If a metal object such as a pin or a derailed locomotive lies across the two running rails a ‘short circuit’ may occur.  This will activate the safety cut-out in the Train Controller or Transformer and stop the current supply to the track.  If this happens, switch off the mains power socket and trace and remedy the fault.  Allow approximately 60 seconds for the cut-out device to reset itself before switching the power socket on again.

Also, when a train is stopped by turning the speed control knob to its lowest setting, a small amount of electricity may still reach the locomotive motor.  This may result in a slight ‘hum’ emitting from the locomotive.

The speed control knob must be set to the zero speed position before using the switch to change direction.  Forcing this switch will damage the controller and invalidate your product warranty.



Download the instruction manual