Hornby Select DCC Controller product guide (R8213)

Hornby DCC Select Train Controller

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The Hornby Select is a Digital Command Control (DCC) model railway controller.  DCC is a digital system allowing control of several locomotives on the same electrical section of track.  Each locomotive is fitted with a special DCC decoder which picks up control commands from the DCC controller.

Each locomotive decoder has its own ID or “address” which is accessed by the controller, thus allowing the controller to tell a particular loco what speed and direction to move at.

Using the manual you can learn how to program your own locomotives, reset the Select in case of faults and get the most from your Hornby digital modern railway.



This manual is broken down into the following sections;

  • About DCC Select
  • Select Unit – Fact File
  • Setting Up
  • Quick Start
  • Adding Locos – Programming
  • Locomotive Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Further Tips and Notes
  • Emergency Stop!
  • Double/Triple Heading
  • Analogue Locomotive Control
  • Locomotive Function Control
  • How many locos can the Select run?
  • Re-setting the Select
  • Walkabout Mode
  • Master Select Connected to Select ‘walkabout’ Units
  • Speed Step Change
  • Programming Track
  • Hornby Decoders
  • Making Points ‘Live’
  • Glossary
  • Troubleshooting


Please note this version of the Select manual is for controllers using firmware v1.5.  For other models, please contact us.



Download the instruction manual