Hornby Railmaster Instruction Manual (English)

Hornby eLink and Railmaster Combination Pack

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Find out all about how to install and operate your Railmaster DCC system with this downloadable guide.  Includes information on the following areas;

  • Installing RailMaster
  • Setting up your Hornby DCC Controller
  • System Settings
  • Setting up Locomotives
  • Controlling Locomotives
  • Voice Control
  • Reading and Writing Locomotive CVs
  • Programming Accessory Decoders
  • Designing a Track Schematic
  • Double Heading Locomotives
  • Programming to Automate your Layout
  • Programmable Floating Keys
  • Clock
  • Command Line Options
  • Programming Commands & Functions
  • Upgrading and Activating the Software
  • Requesting Help and backing up data
  • Important Notes on Scale Speeds and Accurate Loco Control
  • Troubleshooting Guide

Please note, this manual gives reference to Railmaster Plus add-ons but these are not available as standard with the controller pack.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer any technical support on the Plus features.


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Download the instruction manual