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Hornby Locomotive Decoder installation manual (R8249)

Download the instruction manual



Replacement instructions for the Hornby standard DCC locomotive decoder (R8249).  Contains information on supported CV settings, connection information and more in English, Italiano, Français, Deutsch and Español.

The Hornby locomotive decoders may be used with all standard digital control equipment that conforms to the NMRA standards.

Note the normal running current carrying capacity of the Hornby Decoder is 500mA peaking at 1Amp shared with the Function outputs.  If this capacity is exceeded
the decoder will cut out.  The decoder must not touch any metal parts of the locomotive as this may cause a direct short and permanently damage the decoder.

Do not wrap the decoder in insulating tape as the decoder requires a cooling smooth air flow across it’s surface.  If air is restricted the decoder may over heat and be damaged.  As a precaution it is advised that any exposed metal surfaces that the decoder may come into contact with are covered with insulating tape, especially on the surface where the decoder is to be installed.

If there is no decoder housing for the decoder to be located into, the decoder can be fixed in position using double sided tape or pads.

Decoder equipped locomotives must not be operated using an overhead power supply or catenary system.

Before installing the Hornby Decoder make sure that the model runs efficiently in DC mode.  A poorly running locomotive will not be improved by adding a decoder.



Download the instruction manual

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