Hornby R8206 vs R8241 power straight – What’s the difference?

Hornby R8241 power straight piece

We are quite frequently asked what’s the difference between a Hornby R8206 and R8241 power straight.  In a nutshell, the first is for analogue, the latter is for digital layouts.  But why?


Hornby R8206 power straight

The Hornby R8206 standard power straight is designed for analogue layouts and replaced the old power clip (R602) and wire system.  While providing a better and more reliable connection, it also features a component to reduce interference.  With older layouts you could generate interference and that is reduced using this power straight.

In a similar way, the original R602 power connecting clip and digital power clip from Hornby have the same type of components…


Hornby R8241 power straight

Now the R8241 digital power straight does not feature these interference reducing components.  This is because the digital DCC system can be impacted by them.

While we have had customers use the analogue power straight when the digital is unavailable, it isn’t recommended for DCC layouts.  All Hornby digital train sets come with the digital track piece as standard, and replacements are usually always available.

As we said earlier, you can use the Hornby R8242 digital power clip, particularly if you are looking to fit your power connection on curved track.  It is also common that people prefer the appearance of just the clip as they can hide the cable on permanent model railway layouts.


Model railway track design

We offer a track design service, and at your request can produce versions with or without the power straight track piece or clip.  This can be done to your taste, and can almost prove the theory of the layout you are trying to build without wasting track parts.

If you need any further help or advice, please get in touch with us by phone on 01305 820048 or email us at sales@islandrailways.co.uk…

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