Buildings & Accessories re-pricing from Hornby

We have been made aware that due to successive price increases, which over time have resulted in many popular Hornby lines becoming disproportionately expensive – they have temporarily halted sales of a variety of items.

While we understand that it will be frustrating for customers looking to purchase these items, we have been assured they will be less expensive that before.  The new prices are expected to be announced on 3rd September 2018.  We will try and update them as soon as possible after this.

This is good news for buyers looking to grab a Christmas bargain but beware as they have become sold out at many stockists they are sure to be in short supply!

The affected part codes are as follows;


Item code Description
R394 Hornby Hydraulic Buffer Stop
R406 Hornby Electric Coloured Light Signal View
R460 Hornby Straight Platform View
R462 Hornby Large Radius Curved Platform View
R463 Hornby Small Radius Curved Platform View
R464 Hornby Platform Ramps View
R495 Hornby Platform Subway View
R510 Hornby Platform Shelter
R530 Hornby Pylons
R574 Hornby Trackside Accessory Pack View
R590 Hornby Platform Halt Kit
R658 Hornby Inclined Piers
R659 Hornby High Level Track Piers
R8000 Hornby Country Station Kit
R8001 Hornby Waiting Room Kit
R8002 Hornby Goods Shed Kit
R8003 Hornby Water Tower Kit
R8004 Hornby Engine Shed Kit
R8005 Hornby Signal Box Kit
R8006 Hornby Diesel Maintenance Depot Kit
R8007 Hornby Booking Hall
R8009 Hornby Station Terminus Kit
R8227 Hornby Buildings & Accessory Pack 1 View
R8228 Hornby Buildings & Accessory Pack 2 View
R8229 Hornby Buildings & Accessory Pack 3 View
R8230 Hornby Buildings & Accessory Pack 4 View
R8231 Hornby Buildings & Accessory Pack 5 View
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