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Hornby R8241 power straight piece
We are quite frequently asked what’s the difference between a Hornby R8206 and R8241 power straight.  In a nutshell, the first is for analogue, the latter is for digital layouts.  But why?   Hornby R8206 power straight The Hornby R8206 standard power straight is designed for analogue layouts and replaced the old power clip (R602) and wire system.  While providing a better and more reliable connection, it also features a component to reduce interference.  With
Hornby Santa's Express Christmas Train Set
With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve been given the recommended last posting dates for orders to arrive on time!  As we sell all over the world, we’ve put dates to help all of our customers… We have a daily same-day process cut-off time of 1pm, however this is subject to stock.  Order early to avoid disappointment, particularly on popular model railway products.     UK customer last posting dates We have two postage options for our
The Hornby Model Railway Era system
The operation of the railway network in the United Kingdom has evolved greatly since the 1826 Liverpool & Manchester Railway Act, which engendered the ‘railway mania’ of the pioneering local regional companies in the Victorian era and their eventual consolidation that occurred towards the end of the19th century.  Then came the emergence of the ‘Big Four’, followed by Nationalisation, Sectorisation, Privatisation and finally, the modern day Franchising arrangements. In an effort to clarify these changes
We have been made aware that due to successive price increases, which over time have resulted in many popular Hornby lines becoming disproportionately expensive – they have temporarily halted sales of a variety of items. While we understand that it will be frustrating for customers looking to purchase these items, we have been assured they will be less expensive that before.  The new prices are expected to be announced on 3rd September 2018.  We will
Thomas & Friends logo (Hornby)
Hornby’s association with Thomas and his Friends has been a long and happy one but with changing trends, plus toy safety age restrictions, they took the difficult decision not to continue with the Thomas license. This decision means that production of all Hornby Thomas sets and accessories has ceased with the range inevitably being completely removed from Hornby’s portfolio by the end of this year. Like you, we’re disappointed about this and we still have